YULONG DAH1 MARK DAC /Pre amp/headphone amps

YULONG audio DAC Amplifier

This DAH1 MARK Decorder are specially designed by YULONG audio engineers. The concept is towards an user-friendly integrated DAC Amplifier, which only require a personal computer. This DAC Amplifier is capable of driving your headphone/preamp or speaker to achieve audiophile quality sound. Despite of  its competitive pricing, it doesn’t compromise in any aspect of sound reproduction thus you can spare for other tweaks/gadgets in audio device/sources/preamp/interconnect cable. In terms of price per performance ratio, currently this DAC amplifier has the best bang for bucks.

• This DAC Amplifier will benefit greatly from high quality interconnect cable, power cord and other tweaks.
• Each unit comes with a exclusive portable remote controller.

•The heart of this DAC Amplifier lies in the main processing DAC chip which is AD1955. AD1955 is widely known for its excellent sound performance and benchmark for other high-end DAC on the market. The circuit topology used is a combination of DA1955 DAC and HEF188 headphone amp which controlled by CPU. There are no reduction in components nor quality of components used in original DA1955 and HEF188 circuit. In order to obtain the optimum performance, PCB routing is redesigned in more compact manner. Based from the customer feedbacks of DA1955 and HEF188 and our professional experiences in product design, we managed to fine tune the circuit topology to achieve optimum performance.

• With built-in MCU and the flagship Digital Volume Controller (CS3310) from Cirrus Logic, multiple standard Input/Output ports are available to provide flexibility for the user. For input, SPDIF, Coaxial, USB, analog input (RCA) are provided while headphone output, DAC output, and circuit output are for output part. This product is a multi function product which provides multiple modes for user convenience as well.

Available modes:
1. DAC + headphone amplifier: Switch on the power, press MODE button from the front panel to choose various input signal(SPDIF,Coaxial,USB), adjust the volume, plug in headphone to PHONE and start to enjoy the music.

2. DAC: Switch on the power, press MODE button to select preferable input signal mode, signal out from the DACOUT.

3. Headphone amplifier: Switch on the power, use MODE button to select PCM LINE status, adjust volume, connect headphone to PHONE.

4. DAC + Preamp : Switch on the power, press MODE button to select input signal, signal out from the LINEOUT.

•DAH01 Stereo DAC sound characteristic: great dynamic, wide and deep soundstage, excellent instrumental separation, sweet and natural sounding. This DAC’s headphone amp has a high output power which capable of driving all range of headphones ranging from low impedance to high impedance. The DAC’s preamp output has low output impedance, which ease for pairing it with any speaker amplifier on the market.
•Attention: Please adjust the volume, wave to 50% out of maximum value to prevent distortion in the sound and degradation in overall performance
•DAH01 technical specification
•Standard input connector: SPDIF, Coaxial, USB, analog input (RCA)
•Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96KHZ/16/24BIT auto-recognized
•SNR: >115db
•Dynamic Range: 110db
•THD+N: 1KHZ%0.0008
•Frequency response: 20-20KHz-0.1db
•DAC power:<20W
•Headphone’s out power: 300R/200mw
•Dimensions: 180*250*55mm
•Weight: 2kg

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