YULONG AMPONE PC hifi Amplifier


To have a set of PC hifi audio system with high-quality, small size and professional quality is the best choice for our work and entertainments!
But how to find the satisfied system for our PC hifi?

High level speakers and an enough power amplifier with high quality, small size (easy to place) and high efficiency (besiders environmental protection and energy conservation, we must have to consider the efficiency) match well become the single choice for us! Where to find this kind of amplifier? AMPONE made by YULONG Audio is just the one based on these ideas!

The design target of sound for AMPONE is to achieve the desired effect with the matched speaker: sweet, smooth, slide,  fine! It can analyze the slightest details, give full play to the dynamics and the scene in great details!  Through YuLong Audio engineers designing meticulously and testing repeatedly in a variety of occasions ,it can achieve the desired effect completely!

The design target of practicality for YULONG Audio AMPONE is small size, high efficiency and enough power. At the same time, it must have a good voice. It looks as if it is not possible?  But YuLong Audio have completed through the ingenious design as follows: Fully use the aluminum chassis for heat elimination to satisfy the requirements that the power can be amplified with small size. Carefully adjust the simple and classic circuit composed of discrete components to achieve the sound performance effects. Both the amplify circuits and the part of circuits of small current  in the drive class operate in the best linear state of class A. The current consuming power tube operates in the class A and B with small current.Through good match between the former class and the back class,it can achieve a good voice and high efficiency!

YULONG AMPONE has the best protection circuit, each of the components used must be tested by QC before we begin to produce.In order to ensure the machine’s consistency and stability.,before the finished products are to be sold, we must have a series of performance testing strictly, voice testing, aging experiments and so on.

Under the well-known monitoring speakers, such as the drive Dynaudio BM5P Audience 42,52 and the ATC SCM7, AMPONE has a fairly good performance!

● THD:        0.02% (30W 8Ω 20Hz – 20KHz)
● R.M.S:      40W +40 W (8Ω)
● P.M.P.O.:  250W +250 W (8Ω)
● Frequency Response: 20-200KHz-0.1db
● Dimensions:  180 * 250 * 55mm
● Net Weight:  2.5Kg


2 Responses to “YULONG AMPONE PC hifi Amplifier”
  1. Andy says:

    Great! Now if only there was the ability to build it inside pc case where the dvd drives are located than it would even more awesome.

  2. steve says:

    How much is this, and how do
    I buy?

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