YULONG HEF188 hi-end Headphone Amplifier

Experienced engineers on HEF188 R & D : “After the Audio test of the first edit of AD1865,I am fall in love with the classic nobler DAC. It is very difficult that the chip bring into full play perfectly. From year 2004 to now, we have developed and tested for a long time. We changed the circuit and the layout of PCB. We have made 8 models, after tested and amended for heaps of times. And now we are satisfied with and confidence for its performance and voice, so we show it with you who are funs of stereo system.” Read more

YULONG DAH1 MARK DAC /Pre amp/headphone amps

YULONG audio DAC Amplifier

This DAH1 MARK Decorder are specially designed by YULONG audio engineers. The concept is towards an user-friendly integrated DAC Amplifier, which only require a personal computer. This DAC Amplifier is capable of driving your headphone/preamp or speaker to achieve audiophile quality sound. Read more

YULONG AMPONE PC hifi Amplifier


To have a set of PC hifi audio system with high-quality, small size and professional quality is the best choice for our work and entertainments!
But how to find the satisfied system for our PC hifi?

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