YULONG DAH1 MARK DAC /Pre amp/headphone amps

YULONG audio DAC Amplifier

This DAH1 MARK Decorder are specially designed by YULONG audio engineers. The concept is towards an user-friendly integrated DAC Amplifier, which only require a personal computer. This DAC Amplifier is capable of driving your headphone/preamp or speaker to achieve audiophile quality sound. Read more

DAH1 MARK II Pre-Amp/Headphone Amps/DAC

The characteristic voice of DAH1 MARK II : The sound is strong and real, it can analyze the slightest details, give full play to the dynamics and the scene in great details. The sound is fine,delicate,smooth,sweet and natural. The headphone output of the machine can drive the majority of traditional headphone directly to achieve better results. The impedance of the former output is also low, with a power amplifer, it can be more easily to drive the speakers. Read more

Little Dot DAC_I decoder Matched CDP_I

Little Dot DAC_I

DAC_I decoder used with the British ARCAM CD36 CDPLAYER same decoder chip: wolfsonmicro the company’s high-performance decoder chip: Wolfson WM8805 DAC chip which has very low intrinsic jitter.
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