Little Dot MK III Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp

* The MK series is the new generation of Little Dot amplifiers, and the MK III is the “sweet-spot” of the line. Superior performance with much higher stability and reliability, the MK series trumps our previous amplifiers in nearly every category!* Vacuum tubes are subject to availability, so please inquire as to the current included “stock” vacuum tubes if in doubt. Little Dot reserves the right to substitute equivalent, equal-value tubes in the case “standard” tubes are not available.
* Available in either 120VAC or 220VAC
* $194 plus $45 shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, and most of Asia
* $194 plus $51 shipping to most of Western Europe
* Please inquire for other destinations.
* Additional Tube Sets (2x 5654, 2x 6H6PI (6H6n) ): $35 (plus applicable shipping fees if purchased separately from amplifier)
* 1 Year Warranty

The All-New Little Dot MK III succeeds our Little Dot II++ by improving upon it in every possible way. Boasting the highest stability and sound quality yet, the sound-stage realism and imaging precision have improved dramatically over our previous amplifiers, and even at high volumes the Little Dot MK III delivers a smooth, non-fatiguing sound with no hint of dynamic compression or imaging fuzz. Of course the liquid warm midrange tube lovers expect is here in spades, balancing right in with a dynamic low-end and a sweet, airy treble. Tracking precision with low distortion is provided by an ALPS-16 potentiometer, and Rubycon, German WIMA and ERO capacitors ensure the internal circuitry is built with quality in mind.

The Little Dot MK III also adds in user-tweaking options such as two gain switches to delivery maximum compatibility with all your headphones, regardless of impedance or sensitivity. Also available for the very first time in a Little Dot amplifier, is an internal jumper to allow use with a wider range of driver tube-rolling, including the EF92, CV131, WE403A/B, GE5654, M8100, CV4010, EF95, 6JI as well as all equivalents to these vacuum tubes!

Technical Specifications:

  • SEPP (Single-Ended Push Pull) OTL in Class-A
  • Frequency response: 12 hz~100 Khz (-1dB)
  • THD+N: 0.15% (80 mW @300 ohm)
  • Power Output:
  • 350 mW @ 300/600 ohm
  • 300 mW @ 120 oh
  • 100 mW @ 32 ohm
  • Variable Gain: 3,4,5, or 10x
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 32 ohm~600 ohm
  • Input Impedance: 50K ohms
  • Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Pre-Amplifier Gain: 3-10x (also controlled via gain switches)
  • Pre-Amplifier Voltage: 10V RMS
  • Power Consumption: 30W (228V * 0.130A)
  • Pre-Amplification circuit includes both driver and power tubes
  • Driver Tubes: 2x GE5654
  • Power Tubes: 2x Soviet 6H6PI (6H6n, 6H6nN)
  • High quality aluminum chassis
  • Dimensions (Metric): 270mm deep by 175mm wide by 123mm high
  • Dimensions (English): 10.6 inches deep by 6.9 inches wide by 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 3 Kg or 6.6 lbs
  • Vacuum tubes are subject to availability, so please inquire as to the current included “stock” vacuum tubes if in doubt. Little Dot reserves the right to substitute equivalent or better tubes in the case “standard” tubes are not available.
  • Available in either 120VAC or 220VA

Power Cord Note: Little Dot amplifiers ships with a standard Type-B power cord (American 3-pin or U-ground) suitable for use in areas such as North America, Japan, Taiwan, etc. If your country’s outlets use other power cord types (ex. Schuko) you will need to provide you own power cord. You likely have several spares around your home, as any standard power cord (like your computer’s power cord) will work perfectly fine. We do apologize for any inconvenience!
Little Dot MK III Front

Little Dot MK III Front Panel

Little Dot MK III Iso

Little Dot MK III Rear

Little Dot MK III Tubes

Little Dot MK III 6H6PI Power Tube

Little Dot MK III 5654 Driver Tube

Little Dot MK III PCB

Little Dot MK III Rubycon Capacitors

Little Dot MK III PCB

Little Dot MK III PCB

Little Dot MK III PCB

Little Dot MK III PCB


21 Responses to “Little Dot MK III Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp”
  1. kostea says:

    oau,naturlich,i wanna one….

  2. Sonik Bliss says:

    This tubed headphone amp/preamp is the absolute best high-end audio bargain in existence, bar none!

    The sound is so exquisitely sumptuous, detailed, and airy, you won’t believe your ears! You will lust for music and rediscover your CD or LP collection once again. I am talking EARGASM! The folks at ‘Little Dot’ are truly magicians, to say the least.

  3. alex says:

    hi, i’m a beginner , and in awe of this amplifier. is it anyway portable?

  4. cesar gutierrez says:

    how do I pay for one little dot mk III ?

  5. Ed Blevins says:

    How do I pay for one Little Dot MK III and an extra set of tubes?

  6. cesar gutierrez says:

    really how do I pay for one

  7. William A Dodson says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of Little Dot MKIII amps–but cannot find it on e-Bay.

    I read in some reviews that there is a ground-loop problem that can be solved with an isolation transformer based interconnect.

    Could the problem be with connecting the amp to an amplifier with a switching power supply (such as in a computer–as was intimated in the review article)?

    I would like to purchase one of these amps–but cannot determine how to go about it.

    I do have a Pay-Pal account, if that helps.

  8. E. Caglarcan says:

    I have the same problem as the previous interested buyers: Where to buy one, including extra tubes?

  9. bronzboy says:

    This amp is amazing! You will not be disappointed. It must be the biggest “bang for a buck” on the planet.

    Try seller davidzhezhe on ebay. He’s really the only one selling. If he’s not selling any, you can contact him through email.

    Beware of other people selling knockoffs of the Little Dot.

  10. bronzboy says:

    There is no ground loop problem. That was an older model. The ones they make now work just fine. Latest issue of Stereophile mag has a columnist, Sam Telig drolling all over himself about the LDMK iii

  11. William A Dodson MD says:

    I am the owner of both Little Dot MKIII as well as a MKIV SE.

    The MKIII sits on my office desk, while the MKIV SE drives my McIntosh tube amplifier at home.

    Not only does their performance provide me with hour after hour of superb listening experience,

    Their build quality and design demonstrate an” understated elegance” that impresses everyone who visits.

    I am extremely pleased with my purchases–as well as with the excellent customer service I have received. I would happily buy again from this company with confidence.

  12. Mike Sullivan says:

    Hi….I am very interested in the Little Dot Mk III. Would you kindly send me particulars on order with extra tubes?

    Many thanks….I have seen many opinions on what a fine product this unit is.

    Best regards, Mike Sullivan

  13. Kiilim says:

    Wzaacniacz jest ekstra! Lubie cłuchać głośno muzyki w dobrej jakości. Ale lampy szybko mi się zużywają. Potrzebuje informaci gdzie moge dostać tanio i dobrej jakości zamienniki lamp różnego typu.

    Zóry Dzięki!! kilim666

  14. Antonio Mejías Castilla says:

    Hi, I am interested in buying the MKII headphone amplifier.
    What is your price for Spain? a greeting, Antonio.

  15. Bill Whelan says:

    Purchased Little Dot MK 111 about year ago. (+/-). No regrets. Love it. Using with Sennheiser HD 580. Question. If I upgrade my standard headphone cable with a Cardas replacment cable, would it enhance the sound ? Is it worth the extra cost? ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?

  16. pete says:

    who can i trust to buy little dot witout any hickups?can anyone recommend legit dealer?

  17. Bo Bondoc says:

    I would like to purchase a brand new Little Dot Mk III. Please respond ASAP for instructions. Thank You.

  18. Rob Bilger says:

    Hey guys! This thing is great! I use it to listen to my animal pornography and let me tell you, it gets me to orgasm quicker than ever before! You really should hear the sound of the horses with this little feller. Guaranteed to give you a boner every time. Just be careful, as the company will not refund due to shooting your load on it. *sadface*

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