Little Dot DAC_I decoder Matched CDP_I

Little Dot DAC_I

DAC_I decoder used with the British ARCAM CD36 CDPLAYER same decoder chip: wolfsonmicro the company’s high-performance decoder chip: Wolfson WM8805 DAC chip which has very low intrinsic jitter.

The decoder chip is as follows:
*120dB SNR (’A’ weighted, mono @ 48kHz)
*117dB SNR (’A’ weighted, stereo @ 48kHz)
*104dB THD (’A’ weighted @ 48kHz)
*Sampling frequency : 8kHz – 192kHz
*Input data word : 16 to 24-bit
*Selectable digital low pass filter
*Optional interface to industry standard external filters
*Hardware or 3-wire SPI control
*Fully dfferential voltage outputs

There are 4 of the decoder input:
1, coaxial BNC input
2, coaxial RCA input
3, fiber-optic input
4, USB input

Two types of output:
1, RCA stereo output
2, XLR balanced output of the whole

Size :
365X217X61 (H) mm

* $299 plus shipping
* $45 USD shipping to USA, Canada, Japan, and most of Oceania and SE Asia (excluding India)
* $51 USD shipping to most of Western Europe (excluding the Netherlands)
* Please inquire for shipping costs to Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and Middle East
* 1 Year Warranty

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