DAH1 MARK II Pre-Amp/Headphone Amps/DAC

The characteristic voice of DAH1 MARK II : The sound is strong and real, it can analyze the slightest details, give full play to the dynamics and the scene in great details. The sound is fine,delicate,smooth,sweet and natural. The headphone output of the machine can drive the majority of traditional headphone directly to achieve better results. The impedance of the former output is also low, with a power amplifer, it can be more easily to drive the speakers.

The DAH1 MARK II is specially designed by YULONG Audio engineers. The concept is that you need not any sound resource,if you have a PC, you can connect the machine to drive the headphone, power amplifiers, or speakers directly to achieve the best sound. The users can save the cost of sound resources,interconnect cable,preamp and headphone.

The main chip of this DAC Amplifier is AD1955 in which we have many years of practical experience. AD1955 is widely known for its excellent sound performance and its performance indicators is the best now. The circuit structure we learn from is as follows: DA1955 audio decoder, DAH1 multifunction audio processor, DAH1 MARK multifunction audio processor and headphone drive circuit designed by YuLong Audio engineers meticulously. The working state is controlled by the CPU and displayed with the LCD. So it is easy to operate.The components we used are the best, such as the refined aluminum shell,gold-plated USB interface, RCA interface, headphone interface, dedicated audio OPA2134 and the import high-quality components with the fanciers class(different from the staking of DIYER, we have many years of design experience about these components). We use the advanced solid capacitor PAS and SEP which used in the high-end computer’s motherboard to supply.

DAH1mark II is an upgrade product based on the former two generations products.
1,Use SMD components, the PCB redesigned completely takes the spider-type grounding wiring method, the signal to noise ratio is very high,left channel and right channel are completely symmetrical, the ground wire is separated, the channel can work independently, so that you can hear the analysis of very high intensity, quiet background, and good separation.

2,The drive circuit of headphone is also redesigned, it uses PHILIPS tubes to match with the sound parameters we adjusted carefully and the components we selected carefully. The sound effects is fine and tender,natural, without losing the dynamics and drive capability.

3,Fully use the import J SMD components in the produce and we achieve the better sound quality perfoumance(A package of an ordinary K SMD capacitance sales 30RMB, while the same quantity and same function package of the import K SMD capacitance sales 1000RMB).

4,We cancel the electronic volume control for it can make some small noise, now we replace it with the imported high-precision potentiometers.

5,We cancel the LINEOUT port and add the balance output version (optional).

6,We cancel the functions of preamplification and remote control,now we focus more on the sound effort.

7,We add the pure DAC mode so as to improve the quality of the machine.

Because DAH1 MARK II uses the high-performance solid-state capacitors, it doesn’t work its the best state until the power is on for some time.

The new machine may be a slight sense of roughness, please keep the power on for more than 200 hours to listen again.

Functional operation modes:
1. DAC + headphone amplifier: Switch on the power, press MODE button from the front panel to select various input signal(SPDIF,Coaxial,USB), adjust the volume, plug in the headphone to PHONE and start to enjoy the music.

2. DAC: Switch on the power, press MODE button to select the input signal, adjust the volume to the left to the minimum to turn off the headphone amplifier,signal output from the R OUT L.

3. DAC + Pre amp : Switch on the power, press MODE button to select the input signal, signal out from the PHONE through 6.35-RCA port.

4.Balance Decoding mode: (Required to purchase,the standard version is RCA output)THE operation is the same as the RCA version, the output mode is the balance (XLR) port.

Notes:If the sound card is used as the diginal input or USB input,please adjust the volume and waveform to the medium in the PC, if you adjust to the maximum,the output distortion of the sound card is also the largest, it will affect the performance of the machine.

The DAH1 MARK II uses 220-240V AC voltage as the standard input voltage, if you want to use 100-120V AC voltage, please note us before you purchase it.

DAH1 MARK II Technical Specification:

  • Standard input connector: SPDIF, Coaxial, USB, Analog Input (RCA).
  • Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96KHz/16/24Bit auto-recognized.
  • SNR: >115Db.
  • Dynamic Range: 110Db.
  • THD+N: 1KHz%0.0006.
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz-0.1Db.
  • DAC power:<20W.
  • Headphone’s out power: 300R/200mW.
  • Dimensions: 180*250*55mm.
  • Weight: 2Kg.
  • Packing Size: 320 * 230 * 120mm

In the packing box the items include: the machine,the manual, USB line,the remote control. will enjoy free warranty for one year.
Note: If you open up the machine by yourself, you can not enjoy the free warranty.

Play method we recommend:

1,The most cost-effective options: USB connect to the PC, headphone plug in the HEADPHONE port.

2,Give full play to the best performance of the machine: using the digital output of the high-end sound card or the dial as the coaxial input of the machine, and then connect the high-end headphone amplifiers or power amplifiers to dirive the speakers from the DAC output, at the same time you should ensure the power cord and signal lines must be more better.

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